Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Devon Take on Cranks Homity Pie - Delicious!

So, despite my total fear of making pastry, I decided to have a go at the Cranks recipe for Homity Pie.  I used Allinson Plain Wholemeal flour.

I put the flour and fat into the food processor.  I was too scared to make it by hand.  I added some iced water once it had turned to 'breadcrumbs'.

I let the pastty rest in the fridge whilst I prepared the filling ingredients.

I really enjoyed the original pie, but couldn;t help myself from adjusting it a little.I added some home-grown chives, some broccoli and some Devon Blue cheese.

I think I made it slightly nicer by these Devon additions.  I used the recommended potatoes, cheddar, garlic, parsley, but reduced the amount of recommended Cheddar slightly and added a tablespoon more milk.

About four small broccoli florets per pie...
Then the onion / cheese / potato more cheese. NB my wonky pastry edges!
I baked the pies for the recommended 20 minutes and was delighted by the visual and taste result at the end.  These were totally yummy, and I have gone some way to conquering my fear of making pastry.  And I'd added broccoli, chives and Devon blue cheese to an already delicious recipe.

Cranks was at the fore-front of the vegetarian revolution in England. Cranks Cafe at Dartington has had a very good recent refurbishment and the website recipes seem to be great, even for a carnivore like myself.

Twitter: @CrankFood

The Cranks competition is now live (27/3/2015) to be featured in their new cookbook - and go down in culinary history.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Live Love Eat Awards at the Deer Park Hotel, Honiton, Devon

I have just been to the inaugural 2014 LiveLoveEat Food and Drink awards ceremony at the fabulous Deer Park Hotel, set within 80 acres near Honiton, Devon.  It was raining so I didn’t get to explore the 80 acres of land – but it looked good.  I met some lovely people (‘Hi’ to Choclette and the Pig and Whistle!) and had some delicious food.

The food was great and all sourced in the West country.

It was a lovely venue and can really imagine having a wedding there.

Susan from Devon Life said that she really enjoyed staying at the hotel overnight – and so had her dog!  They are a very dog-friendly hotel. They are welcome to stay in rooms and there is even a pooch pamper area.

There was much excitement about the new treehouse suite which will soon be a feature of the hotel – a great idea for a special anniversary or the first night of wedded life!  The ground floor communal areas looked well-maintained and attractive.

 Overall, a great place for a celebration, a function or a special place to stay.  The location is quiet and beautiful and the hotel owner seems ebullient and fun.